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Adaptive Cooking Province of Ontario

We have three levels of classes.
Something for everyone! And the classes are FREE!

The focus of the classes  will be:



    • Nutrition & Review of Food

    • Planning Meals

    • Reading Labels

    • Eating Healthy on a Budget & Grocery Shopping

    • Adapting/Creating Recipes

    • Experiencing Social Activities around Food

    • Cooking Skills

    • Kitchen, Food & Food Storage Safety

    • Use of "over the counter" Utensils for Cooking

    • Freezing & Thawing Food

    • Safe Use of an Electric Frying Pan, Toaster Oven & Crock Pot

Basic Classes


  • Four food groups / Where food comes from
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Grains
  • Proteins
  • Healthy beverages
  • Healthy snacks

Cooking skills

  • Washing hands/ kitchen safety/ using knife
  • Measuring
  • Opening cans / bottles
  • Using toaster
  • Using microwave
  • Using toaster oven

intermediate classes


  • Nutrition review of food groups
  • Planning meals around food groups
  • Reading labels DVD
  • Eating healthy on a budget / group buying
  • Adapting /making up recipes
  • Creating social activities around food

Cooking skills

  • Kitchen safety / food safety /food storage DVD
  • Use of ‘over the counter’ utensils for cooking
  • Freezing and thawing food – cooking in bulk
  • Using electric frying pan
  • Using toaster oven
  • Using crock pot

advanced classes


  • Planning a menu
  • Making a grocery list with comparison shopping
  • Grocery shopping and options
  • Eating for healthy weight/ heart/ BP/ low salt/ diabetic ……….
  • Bulk shopping
  • Freezing and thawing safely

Cooking skills

  • Prepare or direct preparation of a dish independently
  • Use of ‘over the counter’ utensils for cooking
  • Use of other appliances- crock pot, rice cooker
  • Baking
  • Class choice

What the Eyes don't See

What the eyes don't see.

Classroom Time

One on One Instruction.

Happy Graduate

A Happy Graduate!

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