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Adaptive Cooking Province of Ontario

Role of Volunteers

The role of our volunteers is as varied as our volunteers -   each contributing whatever they can.  Some like to help setup the class while others enjoy contact with class members or assist 1 on 1 and some voluteers distribute food and material in the class....whatever is needed.

Out of the the classroom volunteers may assist by driving students, shopping and various administrative jobs.

Our Chefs and other professionals like to share their expertise.

Trillium Foundation
Lamplighter Inn Club House Foods

Too Many Cooks, Spoil the Broth.... well not here!
Many hands DO make light work!

Those who are interested in volunteering or learning more about our program can contact us at this link by email or feel free to print off our Volunteer Application Form (pdf format) (word doc format here) and send to us! We'd love to hear from you!

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