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Adaptive Cooking Province of Ontario

About Adaptive Cooking?

Our Adaptive cooking program allows individuals with any type of disability the opportunity to be successful  in their own kitchen. 

Our dedicated volunteer staff and executive chef provide instructions and guidance to help members meet the challenges experienced in their daily lives with food preparation.

The program is designed for those living within modest means.   Classes are available at three levels from Basic, Intermediate to Advanced classes.

Anyone can meet the challenge of adaptive cooking with the right support and attitude that can be developed during the program.  It gives participants the chance to make new friends and support others with their new found skills. 

We are committed to providing the program at no cost to the participants. As a result of the generosity of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Best Western Lamplighter Inn, Cheshire London and the local community, persons with disabilities interested in the program can register for the next available opening.


What is the Adaptive Cooking?

Our goal is to teach participants about food, budgeting and how to cook.  Emphasis is on to healthy eating habits within a modest budget. 

In the class we will demonstrate how various readily available devices or gadgets can be utilized by persons with disabilities to allow for success within the kitchen.

In addition we will teach those who must depend on their support staff to prepare foods, how to instruct their helper to prepare healthy, cost effective foods.

We all know knowledge is power. Directing your care will allow the participant unable to cook, their individual control of their life.

Who will do it?
Our classes are free.

Instruction will be given by Executive Chefs from a hotel in London with teaching experience, have agreed to provide classroom culinary lessons as volunteers. They selflessly volunteer their professional expertise with a strong desire to give back to the community they call home.

A volunteer will teach shopping techniques, label reading and brand comparison. This will give our participants the best ban for their but.

Volunteers in the class will be greeting people at the door to assisting with movement in the classroom, set-up and take down, distribution of food and times giving assistance where needed and being a friend.

What will it include?
Classroom discussions will encourage members to cook and participate in community social food related events with confidence toward the building of a totally inclusive community.

Budgeting for the best buy practices will be taught to our participants.  We will demonstrate how and where to participate in other community programs geared toward healthy local producers and cost savings.

Learn About Our Classes

Participants be ready to learn about new foods - exposure to new foods on a regular basis. Class members will learn preparation and costs of produce that they many not ever had the opportunity to prepare. A whole new world of food options and opportunities awaits.

Socialization: Emphasis is given to your ability, not disabilty. Our participants blossom socially in a friendly and welcoming classroom environment.

Don't forget EVERYONE loves food!


There are three levels of classes to accommodate all!

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