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Adaptive Cooking Province of Ontario
Adaptive Cooking Students

Who will Take our Classes?
The classes are FREE!

The classes are open to adults with physical, mental or intellectual disabilities who want to gain control of their kitchen and learn to cook. Here are some examples of different people who might take the class.

  • He has the use of one hand and is introduced to adapted cooking devices that will make preparation of food possible.

  • She has a severe physical disability and no hand function but she can still benefit. Learning nutrition, meal preparation, budgeting gives her control over her diet and eating choices. With knowledge gained from the class she is better able to direct her care.

  • He has sustained a brain injury and has difficulty putting together something to eat. There are ways to make this easier.

  • She suffers from anxiety and the idea of using a knife is too much. How does she organize the ingredients for a meal? We have ideas and methods.

Chef Nic @work
  • He has M.S. and the ability to do basic cooking but wants to know how to eat healthier and cook more advanced meals. That is our advanced class.

  • She uses a power wheelchair and is unable to access the knobs at the back of the stove and gets burns when taking items from the oven. We discuss alternate methods of cooking to avoid using the oven and stove-top.

  • He is visually impaired and wants to learn to cook with more confidence. With problem solving and idea sharing ability increases.

  • She has arthritis or spasticity or other reason to impair hand use. There are a variety of assistive devices that can be introduced to make cooking easier.

  • He has intellectual delays and needs to learn basic skills such as spreading, pouring and stirring. We also teach basic nutrition and healthy eating.

  • She does not think she is able to do anything in the kitchen because other people have said she couldn't. She is very hesitant to try. But... she finds that there are ways to make almost anything possible.

To Register:

Visit our registration page for the form to register to any one of our offered classes.....they are FREE!!

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